Become a Member-Owner


Thank you for your interest in joining the Greene Hill Food Co-op! Being a member-owner of our cooperative community isn’t just about shopping. It’s about having an equal say in how we run, what we carry, helping to keep our prices fair by working a shift, and much more.

Membership is open to any person over 18, agreeing to make an investment and commit to work a shift – at least 2.5 hours every 4 weeks.

Your information will be kept private by the Membership and IT Committees. Membership payments are processed by PayPal, and no card or banking information is saved on our server.

If you would like to sign up for the Carrot Plan and make your membership investment in monthly installments, please use this form instead. The form below can be used for one-time payments.

Choose a Membership Plan

For more information about your options, please read the details about these Membership Plans on our website.

Lettuce Plan
Pay the total investment fee of $150 and administrative fee of $25.
Zucchini Plan
Join now, start working, and make your investment later. Pay the $25 administrative fee now and upgrade your membership to the Lettuce, Carrot, or Avocado plan in six months. Once you upgrade, you will be eligible to vote in Co-op decisions. Lettuce Start Fresh special: no fee this January!
Carrot Plan
Pay your $25 administrative fee now and the remaining $150 member investment in monthly installments of $25 for the next six months. Click here to join with this plan.
Apple Plan*
For those who qualify, pay a reduced administrative fee of $5 and a reduced membership investment of $25. Please read about the requirements of this program on our website.
Avocado Plan
Pay the total investment fee of $150 and $25 administrative fee now, plus make an additional donation to help the Co-op grow more.

When signing up for an Avocado Plan membership, please remember to make an additional donation below. Your donation will help grow the Co-op even more!

Total Amount
Name and Contact Information
You will use this email address when checking in to shop at the Co-op.

Please indicate the best way to reach you.
Membership Agreement
Did someone suggest you join the Co-op? If so, please name them.
Please list all other adults over 18 in your household so that their memberships can be linked with yours. List full names separated by a comma.
Do you have children under 18 stay with you part or all of the time? If so, how many?
While many members choose to work in the store, You may also choose to earn work shift credit by joining a committee. If so, you may email the committee directly.
Please initial here: I acknowledge that my membership financial investment is meant to support the growth of the Co-op. Any redemption timing is determined by the Board of Directors as per the bylaws and is based on the Co-op's fiscal health. The Co-op currently has a moratorium on membership equity redemptions. I understand that often members choose to donate their investment if they must resign.
Please initial here: I acknowledge here that I am over 18 years of age and understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership including attending a 1 hour orientation session.